About the Project

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private-sector arm of the World Bank, recognized the need for a comprehensive guide to Good Management Practices for the Cane Sugar Industry. To meet this need, IFC assembled a team of authors, who have developed, managed and rehabilitated new and existing sugarcane projects in many parts of Africa. The authors bring a wide range of skills to the project, with their experience in sugarcane agriculture, environment, processing, social and economic fields.

Together, this talented team has produced Good Management Practices for the Cane Sugar Industry, which meets and surpasses the need for a comprehensive guide in the field.

Good Management Practices for the Cane Sugar Industry

offers contemporary guidelines for good management practices in the cultivation of sugarcane and production of cane sugar and ethanol. This fine book is an ideal resource for agronomists, soil scientists, extension agents, sugar technologists, engineers, consultants, human-resource personnel and specialists in the fields of teaching and technical assistance.

The book’s twenty-one chapters are organized into three sections: Fourteen chapters cover topics in agricultural management ranging from crop establishment to harvesting. Three chapters are devoted to topics having to do with processing, co-product and effluent management. Four chapters cover social development, community and outgrower topics.

Wherever possible, the authors of Good Management Practices have adopted the values of sustainability, ensuring that any recommended management practices comply with the tenets of today’s triple bottom line:

• Ensuring profitable production while maintaining and improving production resources;

• Minimizing or avoiding detrimental impacts to the environment, both on- and off-site; and

• Ensuring that production takes place in a socially equitable environment.


The author's team was led by Jan Meyer (plant nutrition and soils) with Peter Rein (factory), Peter Turner (agronomy) and Kate Mathias (social and smallholders).

These four were assisted by Jeremy Gosnell, Roger Bailey, Vaughan Spaull, Michael St John Clowes, Rob Donaldson, Peter Lyne, Mike Copeland and Peter Braithwaite.

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Size: 17 × 24 cm, 608 pages
140 figures and photographs, 96 tables,
4 color printing
Price:Euro159 + Euro19 postage 
ISBN 978-3-87040-149-8